A photographer’s life

This wish came true.


I have shot over 140 weddings since 2010 and countless family and portrait shoots. I now shoot commercially for social media shots, headshots for linkedin, start ups' staff and offices, company branding and personality shoots. I have spend years in corporate marketing and am still a consultant at times. But my love for creativity keeps me from commuting again. 

"Mummy. What do you do?"

"Basically I take photos of happy people all day"

"Really? Thats actually your job..!?"

"Yup. Nice huh?"

"People give you money to take photos of them having fun?"

"Uhuh. But there's a bit more too than that.  I have to know about light, cameras, people, different moods, event management and how to make people feel good when they are a bit nervous. Its actually quite hard work"

"That's better than being an astronaut...."

"Yes. Yes it is. I've worked hard to do this.  Do you want to be a Photographer when you grow up?"

"No thank you... There's not enough rocks or mud. But I do want to have a happy job. Like you and Tim Peake"

"Good choice hunnypie.."

"...can you put your camera down now please.." 


These are our 2 small people.

We made these to order and so far they have turned out quite well. (I still have the receipts)

Together, Mr B & I steer the good ship Bennett onwards with homemade pizza, perfect brioche buns, 2 cat-otters and GnTs.  I don't know how to make coffee but the boys are being trained up. The 5 year old does a mean triple espresso.