Portrait Photography

Individual, Family, Couples & Professional Profiles

Family photoshoots last for 1hr30 on location. 

including 60 beautifully crafted printable images.

Individuals & Couple shoots:

Want to do something fun?

These shoots are for anyone wanting to capture something special right now. Before it changes. 

I have shot couples and individuals in the city and the country, and in all their favourite places. Where they first had a date, their first home, favourite pubs and best walks. 

Let me know where you might like to do and lets see what we can do together.

Family Shoots:

"We thought we'd find a photoshoot really strange but it was just a fun day out with a new friend and her camera!" Melissa and Doug, April 2016

I am a natural light photographer. I don't use a studio or against white backgrounds. Thats just not my bag. I love sunshine, wellies, beaches and woods. So we go on location!  The location could be your home, the woods, the city or even on a boat. Anywhere that matters to you. 

My goal is to make you walk away from a shoot saying 'wow that was actually fun?! not that scary at all? in fact, I'd do it agan!' (and that was from a Dad of 3)

I will produce a gallery of heartwarming shots that sum up your family or loved one perfectly. Its those moments when you are just altogether having a giggle and being yourselves. I love getting the shots that only you as parents see from your kids, those special tiny moments that you'll feel when you see the photos as well as see..

or even in the last. 

I have two boys. I TOTALLY get it. :)